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ScopeLogicDAQ 2.0 is a comprehensive measurement system used for data acquisition. The device includes a two-channel digital oscilloscope and a logic analyser that communicates with a PC via USB 2.0 interface. Maximum sampling rate for digital signal reaches 400MHz; in case of analog signals, this value is 200 MHz per channel. ScopeLogicDAQ 2.0 is also equipped with a Pattern Generator module which allows defining and generating any sequence of digital signals and t...


ScopeDAQ is a two-channel high speed digital oscilloscope with maximum sampling frequency of 200 MHz per channel. The user can take advantage of observing 2 analog channels simultaneously using standard oscilloscope probes. The device is equipped with big internal ram memory buffer to allow the user real time registation of long sequence of signals.ScopeDAQ has bult hard disk data logging capability.


The LogicDAQ system communicates with PC via USB 2.0 interface in High Speed mode, thereby achieving the maximum data transfer of 480mb/s. The device is powered directly from the USB port. With regard to notebooks with a smaller output current, the set can be optionally equipped with an external power supply. LogicDAQ is a device capable of recording and generating digital signals using 32 channels. The maximum sampling frequency is 400MHz device with the analog inp...

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Uprog programmer software update


The ST7FLIT19BF1 programming algorithm has been improved...

Uprog programmer software update


The 29F1G08ABADA programming algorithm has been improved and programming algorithm of 29F2G08ABAEA and 29F8G08ABABA has been...

Uprog programmer software update


The EEPROM ATmega32L (SPI) programming algorithm has been improved...

Uprog programmer software update


The STK15C88 programming algorithm has been improved...

Uprog programmer software update


Fixed bug of Setup of STST7flit19BF1 and ST7FLITE39F2...

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