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IC programmers Uprog ICP: additional info

Uprog ICP - new, flexible and powerful ic programmer designed for in-circuit programming tasks. Powered through USB, Uprog ICP does not require external power supplier and supports wide range of integrated circuits: microcontrollers (8051, PIC, AVR, MSP430, ARM, ST72, etc.), serial EEPROMs & flash (I2C, SPI, Microwire, 1-wire, etc.), CPLD & FPGA. Target device can be powered by the programmer (5V down to 1.8V), programming voltage up to 14V can be also provided.
Thanks to USB 2.0 interface and specialized microprocessor we achived short programming times close to vendor’s maximum ratings. Uprog is able to working in High Speed and Full Speed modes.
New software for Windows 2000 and newer systems was designed to intuitive operation. It supports many programmers simultaneously, so several programmers may be connected to the PC in order to increase efficiency of whole system.

Extra options

  • Ulogic, 16 channels logic analyzer, maximum sampling rate 200MHz.
  • Serial SPI FLASH memory similator.
  • Interanl RAM memory extension to 256kB.


Uprog programmer software update


Changed algorithms of Flash units...

Uprog programmer software update


Improved algorithms of Dallas DS1230Y, DS1644, DS1225AD...

Uprog programmer software update


The improved automatic programming function in the Gang Mode option...

Uprog programmer software update


The improved automatic programming function...

Uprog programmer software update


The ST7FLIT19BF1 programming algorithm has been improved...

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