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Courses FPGA/CPLD desinging using VHDL language


RK-SYSTEM is long time experienced in CPLD and FPGA designing area with VHDL language usage. Our company in this area has done many profesionall industrie working project and the cource is conducted by the people having deep practical experience in the subject.

Conducted cource inludes issues starting from digital systems designing knowledge to real CPLD/FPGA implentation basing on VHDL language.

Brief training program:

  • Xilinx Spartan family FPGA internal stucture.
  • Xilinx Spartan family CLPD internal stucture.
  • General PCB desinging topics for CPLD/FPGA aplications.
  • Xilinx WebPack system description.
  • Electronic external environment of FPGA/CPLD.
  • Practical ways of debugging digital project with logic analyzer and pattern generator system.

  • VHDL language introduction, structure and basic instructions usage.
  • General rules of digital systems desgns.
  • Description of typical combinative logic.
  • Description of sequential logic examples.
  • State machines description examples.

The cource program cover most of practical examples, which each user can test by himself with working development board and logic analyzer.

Special users requested concerning interesting topics for them, can be discussed and explained during the lectures as well.

Our certificates
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Uprog programmer software update


Added PA28F400B5T60 flash...

Uprog programmer software update


fixed PICF library...

Uprog programmer software update


Changed algorithms of Flash units...

Uprog programmer software update


Added flash SST39VF801C-70-4C-EKE, improved algorithms of Flash 16 library...

Uprog programmer software update


Improved algorithms of Dallas DS1230Y, DS1644, DS1225AD...

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