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About company RK-SYSTEM

RK-SYSTEM exists on Polish market since 1994. The main company activities was distribution of electronic development tool at the beginning. Since 1999 RK-SYSTEM started developing and production of universal integrated circuits ’Uprog’ family programmers. Later on, company invested in development own measurement and data acquisition systems like oscilloscopes, logic analyzers and systems for dymamic rotor balancing, VIbroDAQ, which develops and manufacture nowadays.

RK-SYSTEM products are distributed in Poland and exported to many countries.

Business profile

RK-SYSTEM conducts activities in following areas:

  • C/C+ compilers reseller
  • Real time microprocessor emulator reseller.
  • Integrated curcuit programmer manufacturer.
  • Balancing and vibration analyses sytems manufacturer.
  • Measurement and data acqusition system manufacturer like pc base oscilloscopes and logic analyzers.
  • VHDL and CPLD/FPGA design courses.
  • C/C++ programming courses and microprocessor systems develepment.

Our certificates
Certyfikat ISO 9001:2008 Certyfikat AQAP 2110:2009


Uprog programmer software update


The STK15C88 programming algorithm has been improved...

Uprog programmer software update


Fixed bug of Setup of STST7flit19BF1 and ST7FLITE39F2...

Uprog programmer software update


Software update, added mx25u6435f to the list ...

Uprog programmer software update


Software update added NAND512W3A2SN6 to the list of supported nand flashes...

Uprog programmer software update


Software update...

ul. Chelmonskiego 30
05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland

tel. +48 22 724 30 39, +48 22 755 69 83
fax +48 22 724 30 37
E-mail: rk-system@rk-system.com.pl
Support: support@rk-system.com.pl

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